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Default Help: SimPE won't load... anything? Described options are hidden or missing.
I've read the rules and guides best I could, but this is still my very first post. Hello! There are multiple issues that are serving as brick walls that I'll try my best to describe. My brain feels a bit like porridge after trying to work this out on my own for a few days now.
I'm currently using Windows 10. (I will edit with any other information requested, as I'm not sure what's relevant at the time of writing.)

SimPE, when I create a new empty file, and then go to Tools > PJSE > Body Mesh Tool > Extracting stage > Browse, gives me the same popup every time, regardless of the package selected (I attempted clothing as well as accessories):
Not all parts could be found for this mesh: (item name)

It's worthy of noting that the mesh named is the name of the base game item, not the renamed copy created for editing.
For example, ufaccessorysunglassesretro_frame_cream in place of the name I see when opening it, being (8-digit code)_patch_phys_base.
This also continues to happen when I receive a popup that reads:
Multiple meshes found (did you pick the right package?).
Import resources for them all?

And from Yes or No, I select Yes.

I'm attempting to make a new accessory by following this guide:
But in my inability to load the necessary files using this method has cut this tutorial very short.
I am also referencing this tutorial, which the one above also links to:
However, I can't load anything using the method described, and that also leaves this guide of little use.
There is also no option of "Property Set" as described in the latter for any item selected, when using Open a File instead of Tools > PJSE > Body Mesh Tool > Extracting stage > Browse. This would have been the other route I took to access the project instead of PJSE, were it available.

I have all named Unimesh plugins and other addons installed for this process, as far as I am aware.

I can edit or reply with any screenshots or additional information. I tried to read everything, but if the solution is as simple as me having missed something, please tell me. Thank you everyone.

EDIT: Just as an obligation, running as Administrator does not fix either issue.
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You need to be more spesific with the naming. For glasses you need to extract with the actual mesh name - the "UFaccessoryxxxx" name is for the texture, not for the mesh.

I prefer using the "--accessorysunglasseship" (works with af/am/tf/tm/cu as the prefix - elder can use the same mesh as AF/AM, or you can extract extra AF/AM ones) for accessories. They only have two subsets, and are less buggy than the others.

I've got a text-only accessory tutorial here. May be of some help.

Here's some already extracted resources: (you can import the ones you need to SimPE and then do "fix integrity" to give a new name and make them standalone). I did add some for toddler as well - you can use a clothing mesh base for making toddler accessories, since you only really need the skeleton. Same for babies. I've outlined how to do that in the tutorial.
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