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Default Help improving dress texture
I've been fiddling with this dress texture for the last three days and I don't know how to go on. I feel like every edit just makes it worse and the more I look at it, the more I hate it.
I wanted to try my hand at drawing textures from scratch, but it proved just as hard as I expected. Before, I just cobbled Maxis textures together, with a result that at least resembled something. Now it either looks photo-skinned or flood-filled, sometimes even both at the same time.
I should mention that I am not looking to create a Maxis-match effect. Most of my cc clothes come from Io so I'd like to achieve something at least loosely resembling that aesthetic. (I guess that would be Maxis match meshes with more realistic, but not photo-skinned textures).
Thank you so much for your feedback!!!
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I'm not exactly the best judge of how things look in game, but I do sew, and it looks like a perfectly good heather gray knit texture to me. It's possible you've hit the spot where you can't see your work clearly and need to leave it alone for a week or two. Often on giving your brain a rest you find that something is much better than you thought it was, or that it's a simple fix after all and your backbrain has solved the problem while your conscious mind was doing other things.

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^ That. I totally agree. Personally I love it as is. For serious. It drapes and wrinkles appropriately but not overly so. The knit texture is to a nice scale and very attractive. It's much richer than "Maxis-match" but doesn't look skinned at all. I think you've hit a great balance. Can't wait to see it for DL! ^_^
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I think I know what the issue is. There's no shadows separating the skin from the clothes. You'll need to add that in to given the texture more definition.

I'd also recommend either a larger screenshot, or close ups of the clothing to get a better look.

Also, shots from outside/inside, with/without lighting. That way, you can get a sense of how your textures will look during game play.

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Really like the Material/Texture.

Have to agree with d_dgjdhh on Shadows, but I also suggest a few Highlights as well.

Have a look at this Tutorial, see if this gives you any ideas, I know it's helped me in the past.

Bodyshop - How to Add Shadows and Highlights:

EDIT: On the Tutorial page I linked above, be sure to also look at the linked Tutorial for GIMP (very helpful) AND on the GIMP page, be sure to download the UV_Map.rar linked at the bottom of that Tutorial - also Very Helpful.

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