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Default anyone know where to find these resources in the game data?
I'm looking for the img/imag to edit for this stretchy pointer thingy that pops up whenever your sim is offscreen. It also sometimes shows your house when it's nearby but offscreen and also some other things like interactive objects/sims for professions. Also if there's an xml tuning file for it I'd like to take a look at that too.
I've tried searching for all the keywords I could think of but can't find it :/

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At some point, I wanted to see if I could make this tag disappear as it can be bit distracting.
I never got around to test if editing that image would get rid of it entirely, but I found it in the FullBuild0 package: ATLAS_MapTag_00 (0xFF7F603C01202E5E) (IMAG)

If you use "MapTag" as a name filter, you will find the others too. You can also use this name filter in the Gameplaydata package, I might be able to make sense of some of those XML.
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@Blyss Thanks for the reply! The file ATLAS_MapTag_00 doesn't include the actual stretchy pointer thingy though, just the elements of the round sim/lot icon. I've looked through all the files with the tags "map" and "tag" and variations of those but I just can't find this little pointer guy.

There are a bunch of XMLs relating to map tags in the gameplay data though which I'm gonna have a look at. Do you wanna take a look at them too? You might be better off with them than me
I would prefer if the map tag icons just stuck to the edge of the screen instead of protruding inwards so much. Also I don't think it's necessary for the active sim icon and home lot icons to show up at all.

Edit: oohh I think I've found it actually, the line in MapTagController_0x2ffb7b7be0558594 was

InnerBorder value="75, 80, 30, 215"
!--The border for each side of the screen to restrict map tags from going over.--

and I just changed those all to zeroes and it seems to work the way I want now

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Excellent, I was going to take a look and then I got sidetracked. ;p

This would be a lot less invasive in game! Thanks for figuring it out!
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