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Originally Posted by Devon Aster
@Fyren5 , you might also try BoilingOil's Slow Aging Controller: . One of it's functions allows you to turn off aging for individual sims. Very handy for delaying a birthday until a more convenient time (such as having a party or so they don't age up on the curb when they get home from work). It does also slow down aging for certain creatures/life-states but that's easily edited if you don't like it.

I have Midgethetree's version of that mod which is edited for vampires and fairies I forgot that I had the option to stop aging, oopsies! Thanks for reminding me, I won't need the Freezer Clock if I remember that function! :D
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Dog is stinky. I direct Sim to wash dog. Sim goes to dog bath. Sim calls dog. Dog trots over. Sim drops "wash dog" action in favour of "smells bad." Rinse (or not) and repeat.
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If you have a toy maker in your world, have your sims buy a water wiggler. Get the dog to play with it and- nice clean dog!

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or buy a sprinkler. I have a 3 to 2 one and an older one from here.

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Dogs get clean in sprinklers?

I've never had a Sim get beyond the bronze Toy-Making badge, but I need to see this Water Wiggler! Phineaus wants to quit his job; maybe he can take up toy-making.

In fairness to my Sims, most of them don't do this; it was just the Baldwin kids and their dad. But that household is so crazy, it would be a lot easier if the dogs could just be directed to play with a toy.
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Originally Posted by BlueAlien
Dogs get clean in sprinklers?

Yes, they do! And they snap their jaws at the water as they jump around, just like dogs do with water coming from a hose. It's a delightful animation.
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The fact I can't actually play it without right around 500 mods/hacks.
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