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Test Subject
#16201 Old 19th Jan 2019 at 11:18 PM
The heir poll is up! I repeat, the heir poll is up! Go and vote! But please make sure you've read all of my chapters first.

Generation 1 Heir Poll!
Lab Assistant
#16202 Old Yesterday at 2:44 AM
Congrats on finishing the first generation! Finishing mine this year is my new year's resolution... hah.
And the Diffys already in gen. 10, that's crazy!

#16203 Old Yesterday at 4:28 AM
Sorry I haven't made good on my promise to catch up with a ton of stories--my daughter got sick, shared her cold with me, and I had to prepare to go back to work. Congrats on finishing the first generation!!

Re: Nocriel's rant:

Lab Assistant
#16204 Old Yesterday at 1:00 PM
The second installment for Gen3 is up, (if you consider the founders as Gen1, which I did) 3.02 Complications

@TheRealmOfRohan - Also Congratulations, I look forward to 'The rabbit out of the hat', when the poll is revealed

@Nocriel - C'mon, you are going to make me wait a whole year?? The suspense is killing me!

@Owl_Face - Ill-health is never entertaining Wait, whut, Wasps?

Chapter list below in the sig file thingy.

Jettstar MTS TS3 Random Legacy Challenge

The knowledge that there is a 'Highway To Hell',
while there is only a 'Stairway To Heaven',
speaks volumes to me about anticipated traffic...
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