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I don't take requests right now. I work fulltime and play The Sims and create content because it's something that I love doing. Fulfilling requests adds time limits and outside expectations, which kills the fun.

TS3/4 Sims:

So I basically live in CAS and create a craptonne of sims, some of which I share. I�m fairly laid back when it comes to what you can and can�t do with them:
� Use them in your stories and photoshoots.
� Redress and restyle them.
� Make slight slider and genetic adjustments in order to suit your game. Some people might prefer heads a little smaller, eyes a little bigger and colours a bit more muted, we all have different games! Try not to make it an entirely different sim though, you may as well just make one if you�re going to do that!
� Let me know what they get up to! This is by no means mandatory, I just enjoy seeing them in other games and getting love!
� Age them up or down and flip their gender to suit or even to fill the adoption pool.
Please don�t:
� Upload them elsewhere, especially the exchange/gallery. This includes makeovers of them and extends to their offspring.
� Claim them as your own. Seriously.
� Use them to make offensive or controversial posts (i.e. appropriation, bigotry, mumblrs etc).

TS3 Clothing/Hair Meshes

� Enjoy them.
� Retexture them with credit.
� Use them on your sims.
Please Don�t:
� Convert them to TS2/4 without consent. If you really want to, by all means PM me and ask.
� Reupload them without consent and/or credit. This includes uploading to the TS3 Gallery.
� Include them with your uploads. Linked to .sim files is fine, but Sim3Packs aren�t.
� Alter and re-upload as your own.

TS2 Hair:

It terrifies me to think how long ago I made those and makes me cringe when I see the previews and names given to them, but I�m still going to leave them up.
� Enjoy them.
� Recolour them with credit.
� Retexture them credit.
� Use them on your sims.
Please don�t:
� Convert them. I don�t think that TS2 hair looks good on TS3 or 4 sims don�t would rather that they aren�t converted.
� Include the mesh with your recolours. Link to it, it�s still available.
� Upload sims using it to the Exchange�does the exchange still exist for TS2? I don�t know, but don�t do it.
� Alter the mesh without consent.
� Use the textures in your own creation.
� Reupload them and/or take credit for them.

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